Chrome Extension for NetSuite (Field Help)

A while ago I developed a Chrome extension to extend the NetSuite Field Help standard functionality. As a developer I usually need to identify the field ids and their values. I used to use the developer console and call the nlapiGetFieldValue function. To make easier, I developed the Chrome extension and decided to share on the Chrome store.

With the most recent NetSuite version (2018.2), it started throwing an error due to some modifications in the UI elements by NetSuite. I’ve been contacted by many people asking for an update. I was finally able to debug the scripts, figure out how to resolve the error and publish the update on the store.

The approach for this extension is simple. After the NetSuite page loads, the extension reads the “nlFieldHelp” function (as below), and adds a callback function in the open window method. Once the field help popup is opened, it calls the custom method that will get more details about the field and append the custom HTML content to the the opened iframe. The extension also changes the window width and height, so it is easier to read all the window content.


The custom function uses standard the NetSuite API functions, such as nlapiGetFieldValue, nlapiGetFieldText,¬†nlapiSetFieldMandatory, etc.¬†The newest update of the extension also allows to enter a new value for the field, which is a cool feature and useful, at least for me. Let’s say you would like to change the custom form internal id. Enter the new value and click on the “Set” button.


I hope this is useful and helps you to be more productive.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions to improve that.


NetSuite Advanced Field Help Chrome extension: